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Multi-way & Turret CAT Forklift Trucks – What are they & how can they benefit your business?

Need to upgrade your forklift game? Designed to maximise stacking and order picking efficiency in narrow aisles, the new range of Multi-way & Turret CAT Forklift Trucks is almost infinitely adaptable to fit each application perfectly. For a forklift that means business, the Multi-way reach trucks offer versatile motion and ultimate productivity for day-to-day duties. […]

What are forklift stackers and how can they benefit your business?

Forklift stackers are perfectly designed for multiple applications including manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Expertly engineered these material handling solutions are commonly constructed around programable AC motors and can meet any storage or retrieval application onsite. Stackers are built to carry goods on pallets safely from one destination to another. They are designed to stack both […]

Top tips for operating forklifts in the summer heat

Fork truck fleets are under increasing pressure as the peak summer months get underway. For forklifts in summer, lengthy heatwaves take their toll on lifting machines. It’s not particularly pleasant for operatives either. The current economic climate is hardly helping the situation right now so, before something gives, you need to get on top of […]

What are hand pallet trucks and how can they benefit your business?

Hand pallet trucks, also known as pallet jacks and pump trucks, are without a doubt among the most vital tools available for material handling. For decades pallet trucks have served as a go-to option for lift truck operators, taking the strain out of unloading, loading, and moving pallets of goods on location. Essentially, the pallet […]

What can Flexi trucks bring to your business?

Forklift designers are constantly enhancing the options they offer to suit the changing needs of modern operations. A mainstay of both industrial and commercial operations, forklifts are a ubiquitous sight in warehouses, distribution centres and logistics hubs. They can increase productivity and performance while improving health and safety on-premises. As a result, the design of […]

What are reach trucks and how can they benefit your business?

Reach trucks are types of forklifts specifically employed to reach goods in an area that has high shelving and narrow aisles. Their most common applications include vast storage areas and warehouses. To optimise the use of space, shelves are usually stacked high, and racking is placed close together leaving little room for manoeuvre. Unlike other […]

What are the benefits of ongoing forklift training for you and your business?

Forklifts are among the most vital types of equipment used in factories, warehouses, and other distribution centres. A dependable solution that improves productivity and makes heavy-duty tasks far easier to perform, it’s not tricky to see why fork trucks are essential however, it is equally important that those who operate them are competent to use […]

Should I buy or hire a forklift truck?

Forklifts are one of the most commonly used types of equipment for handling materials. They are robust and efficient machines that can adapt to various business needs and are used in warehouses, shipyards, loading docks and department stores. The choice to hire or buy a forklift is a significant step for any business. For you […]

What is a counterbalance forklift truck?

With so many types of forklift trucks on the market, designed to carry out a specific need, it’s important that you understand the type of forklift you need, its suitability for the job you need it for, and its capabilities. As counterbalance forklift trucks are among the most commonly used type of trucks across a […]