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What are the different types of warehouse stacker?

A warehouse stacker is a specialised tool used for lifting and moving pallets around a warehouse. There are various types of warehouse stackers available for different industries and applications. They are generally considered a cheaper alternative to investing in forklifts and other similar equipment. They require a little more physical work than a forklift, and […]

Your guide to Warehouse Forklifts

Forklifts are an essential piece of equipment for any warehouse, but they are also one of the most expensive! So, making sure that you choose the right forklift for your warehouse requirements is essential. Depending on the kinds of products you will be handling, the warehouse environment and the type of shelving you have, the […]

A Complete Guide to Forklift Safety Inspections

Forklift safety inspections are vital in ensuring the safety of both the operator and those that surround them and, as such, are now a legal requirement for anybody wishing to use or drive a forklift truck in the UK. In many ways, the safety inspections are not dissimilar to an MOT for a car. Without […]

Forklift training – What does it involve, and how can it benefit your workplace?

Companies that operate forklift trucks have a legal responsibility to ensure that all operators are properly trained and certified. For some, this red tape can put them off implementing forklift trucks altogether or risk employing operators without the necessary certification. But achieving certification really isn’t as difficult or as expensive as it sounds. In this […]

Multi-way forklifts: What are they and how can they benefit your business?

Designed to transport heavy goods to specific locations, forklift trucks are an invaluable addition to any warehouse or racking environment. Whilst there are a variety of different forklift models available, multi-way forklifts are perfectly suited to the narrow aisles and confined spaces of a busy warehouse. Equipped with multidirectional drive, the wheels of a multi-way […]

How to operate a forklift safely

Health and safety is hardly the most exciting topic but, let’s face it, it’s important, especially when dealing with heavy machinery. Over time, it’s easy to let standards slip as you become more familiar with your workflow and environment. Shortcuts are taken, basic protocols ignored – this invariably leads to on-site accidents which could easily […]