What is the best forklift brand?

A forklift truck is an essential piece of equipment in warehouses, shipping yards, retail distribution centres, construction sites, loading docks and more, so choosing the right one for your business is essential. When it comes to selecting the best brand for your next forklift purchase, there are many options available on the market today – be it a Toyota, Kion, Clark, Yale, or Mitsui.

However, we’re here to tell you that they do not compare to a CAT Lift Trucks forklift. CAT Lift Trucks has been manufacturing quality products since 1916 with over 60 years of experience building heavy-duty equipment. Read on to find out the benefits of CAT forklifts and why they should become your go-to forklift going forward.

History of CAT Lift Trucks

With more than 80 years of working in the handling industry, CAT has a range of efficient and robust equipment to improve the performance of any job. However, CAT comes from humble beginnings when an individual named Lester M. Sears decided it would be a good idea to convert a farm tractor for industrial purposes. While his Model L might look strange to some today, it has transformed the way we handle materials forever.

Advantages of a CAT forklift

The manufacturers have lots of experience

As mentioned above, CAT forklift manufacturers have more than 80 years of experience under their belts. So, the company knows how to design, manufacture and operate warehouse equipment that is worth investing in, with the added promise of maximum safety and productivity.

The service programmes are high-quality

While CAT forklifts are known for being robust and reliable, it’s still important to carry out a service to ensure that everything is operating as it should be and that your workforce remains safe while dealing with their equipment. The 12-month warranties on CAT forklifts offer peace of mind to anyone hiring or buying a forklift. With a CAT forklift, you get product support from professionals as well as excellent customer service.

In addition to the service programmes offered by CAT, here at Radnes Services, we offer warehouse power equipment training and maintenance services to your workers whenever you hire or purchase a forklift from us. We’ll ensure that all the 3-monthly, 6-monthly and annual maintenance checks are carried out. It’s an easy procedure that takes very little time but ensures the maximum safety for you and your workforce.

Parts are available

Should an issue arise with your forklift, you can rest assured that it won’t take long to get in a replacement part. There’s nothing more inconvenient than when your forklift gets damaged and it takes a lot of time for your part to come into stock. Not only is this time-wasting, but it also means that you won’t meet your deadlines. One of the main benefits of a CAT forklift is that it’s easy to secure all the replacement parts you need. Here at Radnes Services, we stock all the necessary storage equipment and extra parts ready and waiting for when you need them.

Global dealers

CAT supplies material handling equipment to countries all over the world. Therefore, they have the knowledge and expertise to create a custom product that meets your purpose and demand. In doing so, they bring together global resources with international contacts to offer you high-quality equipment all the time.

CAT equipment is award-winning

Did you know that CAT forklifts have been recognised by several industry awards over the years? This includes most recently the Red Dot Design Award for their small electric forklift models. Put simply, there is one thing that we can take away very confidently from CAT forklift trucks – that the quality of their design, manufacturing, and operation will always be excellent and incomparable. Their products will also last a long time, making them a wise investment for your business or company.

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Did you know that Cat Lift Trucks are the best in their class? Whether you’re looking for an industrial truck or something more specialised, like a walkie-talkie lift truck, this is the one for you. We offer loads of different models to suit your needs – from straight trucks to articulated ones and everything in between. The CAT Truck Company’s motto has always been “We Deliver,” and that’s what they aim to do with their heavy-duty construction equipment – deliver quality at affordable prices every time.

As a CAT Lift Trucks dealer in London, Radnes Services is here to help you. We have all the forklifts you need for any project or situation and can provide training for your employees on the safe use of forklifts.

If you’re not sure what type of forklift or pallet truck to buy or need help with anything related to forklifts, we can offer you the services and advice that will get your business moving in the right direction. So, get in touch with our expert and friendly team today for all your forklift needs.