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What is short term hire and how can it help your business?

Short term forklift hire is where you can rent a forklift for a period of time from one week up to 12 months, usually with service and maintenance included, for an agreed price. The forklift isn’t yours, but you get the benefits of its use and the additional capacity in your business.

Leading Brand Forklifts for Hire

We can supply leading brands of forklift for your business to suit your needs. Whether you need a certain type of forklift, are looking for a certain brand, need something for a few weeks or a few months, we can help you with this.

Our team will listen to what you need and suggest something that will help you out. We pride ourselves that many of our hire customers are repeat customers who trust us everytime to get them the right forklift, when they need it the most.

Many of our hire customers also go on to buy from us, trusting our knowledge of forklifts and the industry over decades to help them make the right choice for their business. Short term hire is also a great way to find out what we do, who we are and how we work, to start a working relationship where we can support your business with what you need over the years to come.

Short term hire – for when you don’t know you need it

As well as being there for busy periods, one-off jobs and projects or to see if a forklift is right for them, short term forklift hire can also help out in an emergency. We are able to get forklift hire and agreed and in place quickly giving you the flexibility that you need when things go wrong and you need to cover a gap in your fleet while you get back on your feet.

Getting the best, to suit your needs

All of our hire options are serviced and maintained to our high quality standards. We expect the best from our forklifts and wouldn’t supply anything that doesn’t meet our engineers’ high expectations for our hire fleet.

We can offer many different options across stacker, counterbalance, pallet, reach and other types of truck to really make sure you are getting what you need for the situation you are in right now. We want to make sure that any hire truck works for your business and delivers for you, so we listen to what you are looking for, what you need to achieve and recommend what we think is the best to get you there.

Get in touch with our friendly team today and have a chat to them about how short term hire can help your business right now or in the future.