What are forklift stackers and how can they benefit your business?

Forklift stackers are perfectly designed for multiple applications including manufacturing, distribution, and retail. Expertly engineered these material handling solutions are commonly constructed around programable AC motors and can meet any storage or retrieval application onsite.

Stackers are built to carry goods on pallets safely from one destination to another. They are designed to stack both full and empty pallets and a wide range of different models are available for different types of storage facilities that need to organise and access their stock. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at pallet stackers and some of the business benefits they can deliver.

What is a forklift stacker?

Also known as pallet stackers, forklift stackers are an enhanced edition of a pallet truck that is more suited to storing loads and stacking pallets in high-level areas. These material handling solutions have a pair of forks that allow stock on pallets to be lifted off the floor and stored in the racking above. Some models work on hydraulic power while others are electric. Some solutions will also include a platform that allows the driver to accompany the pallet as it is raised and control operation from his position.

Business benefits of using forklift stackers

Today cutting-edge forklift stackers are available from leading equipment specialists. An outstanding example is the range of pallet stacker supplied by CAT that offer an extensive selection of advantages for companies that employ them. CAT’s range features three different solutions for specific requirements, pedestrian stackers, stand-in stackers and platform stackers.

Pedestrian forklift stackers

Pedestrian forklift stackers are engineered for shorter shuttle applications as well as stacking goods up to heights of 5.4 metres. Leading pedestrian stackers like those provided by CAT incorporate the most state-of-the-art technology available. As a result, they provide warehouses with a reliable workhorse that can improve productivity. Featuring a robust design, they deliver extended active service life when maintained correctly. Fortunately, forklift stackers are exceptionally low maintenance and affordable to run. Comfortable for operators to use, they can increase employee well-being and are compact in design, taking up little space when not in use.

Stand-in forklift stackers

These versatile and compact stand-in-style stackers have the capacity to stack goods up to heights of 7 metres. They are designed for rapid internal transport over both long distances improving work rates. Flexible, they can also be employed for order picking, due to their simple on-off access and swift manoeuvring. Stand-in stackers can help companies save on costs as they are less expensive than other options like platform forklift stackers. They can also boost productivity, lower labour, and fleet costs, and increase the storage density of a site. As a result, they can significantly reduce a firm’s TCO (total cost of operation). Onboard systems are designed with operators in mind. As a result, users can perform tasks more rapidly and safely.

Platform forklift stackers

Finally, platform stackers are constructed to stack pallets up to heights of 5.4 metres and can handle horizontal transport across any distance. These versatile solutions can be employed in ride-on or pedestrian mode, thanks to a folding platform that can be retracted when not in use to save space. Exceptionally nimble, they can work in narrow spaces allowing operations to maximise their available space. Simple to maintain and user-friendly they are built for frequent use and can mitigate operational downtime.

From safe and secure handling and adaptability to offering tighter turn circles and storage space saving, the advantages of using forklift stackers cannot be underestimated. Always ensure that the option you select is from a leading manufacturer.

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