Multi-way & Turret CAT Forklift Trucks – What are they & how can they benefit your business?

Need to upgrade your forklift game? Designed to maximise stacking and order picking efficiency in narrow aisles, the new range of Multi-way & Turret CAT Forklift Trucks is almost infinitely adaptable to fit each application perfectly.

For a forklift that means business, the Multi-way reach trucks offer versatile motion and ultimate productivity for day-to-day duties. Man-up turret trucks can benefit your business environment so let’s dig deeper into why that is.

What is a man-up turret truck?

If you’re looking to maximise warehouse efficiency, the flexibility of a man-up turret truck is next level. For warehouses with very narrow aisles and high racking, this forklift can fit your space whilst loading and operating precisely.

Each turret truck is custom-built, following a detailed brief of your unique operation and measurements. This means that when using the truck, operators have peace of mind they are in a safe environment and can do their jobs efficiently.

Man-up turret truck benefits

A turret truck is specifically designed to do one task and do it well: operate in very narrow aisles. The CAT man-up turret truck range has a customised specification to precisely meet your space, load and operator requirements.

There are five core NVT models with capacities between 1.1 and 1.5 tonnes. They are easy and enjoyable to operate and vary in cabin size and design. Still, They are all comfortable to manoeuvre inside, ensuring you work efficiently with high productivity and low running costs.

What is a multi-way reach truck?

The multi-way forklifts are the ideal narrow aisle truck for warehouses. Their immense capabilities are particularly suited for handling large loads in tight aisles. It’s all thanks to their synchronous wheel steering and quality fork positioner.

Whatever the task, the multi-way reach truck provides unbeatable manoeuvrability, speed and precision. This machine’s flexibility, performance and durability are brilliant and allow the operator to sit comfortably, knowing they can complete their job without worry.

Multi-way reach truck benefits

One of the main benefits of this forklift is that it allows you to store heavy or unusual loads in formerly difficult-to-reach areas. Whether you are looking to store boxes in an unusual space or stack pallets on high shelves, the multi-way truck will allow you to do so. Not only this, but the CAT Responsive Drive System (RDS) will monitor and instantly react to changes in pedal movement speed, ensuring all movements, stops, and starts are smooth.

From standard pallets to pipes, planks and beams, the CAT multi-way reach truck will help your business run more efficiently. As a bonus, your employees will be happy operating this low-effort machine inside the high-comfort cabins, with ergonomic control and state-of-the-art adjustable armrest.

Your Business Will Thank You For It

A turret truck is incredibly technical and should only be used for high-volume handling. Warehouses, construction sites and stockrooms are all places that would benefit from using a reach truck and multi-way forklift. By having either one of these forklift trucks, you could save up to 50% more space inside your warehouse, increasing your product holding capacity.

Standard forklifts might only be able to reach 8-12 metres compared to a whopping 16 metres from the turret trucks. Like your normal reach trucks, the multi-way reach trucks are similar but offer more flexibility and fix your main concern of moving long loads, like pipes, in narrow aisles.

If you’re a business owner with a warehouse or other facility where you are currently struggling with the current lifting equipment that you are using to move products, upgrading to either one of the CAT forklifts is a great investment for the future of your company.

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