What is a counterbalance forklift truck?

With so many types of forklift trucks on the market, designed to carry out a specific need, it’s important that you understand the type of forklift you need, its suitability for the job you need it for, and its capabilities. As counterbalance forklift trucks are among the most commonly used type of trucks across a wide range of industries, we’ve put together a guide explaining what a counterbalance forklift truck is, what it does and the ways in which it will benefit your business.

What is a counterbalance forklift truck?

A counterbalance forklift has two forks placed at the front of the truck, which give it the ability to go up close to a load in order to lift it and move it to the required destination. The name of the truck comes from the counterweight at the back of the vehicle. This helps balance out the heavy load that’s being lifted at the front of the forklift, as the counterbalance definition would suggest.

You can find a counterbalance forklift in both three and four wheel options and you can choose from electric, gas or diesel engines. They’re extremely powerful and ideal for lifting heavy loads in numerous different environments.

What does a counterbalance forklift truck do?

Counterbalance forklift trucks are often used to transport heavy objects and materials to another location. Unlike other forklift trucks, counterbalance trucks have a counterweight at the rear end to make them safer. Not only are counterbalance forklift trucks versatile – meaning they can be used both inside a warehouse or outside on a construction site – but they also drive perfectly on smooth, flat surfaces due to their big turning circle.

How can a counterbalance forklift truck help your business?

Save money

Electric counterbalance forklift trucks only need water to top them up and electricity to recharge the battery, so you’ll be saving on fuel costs.

Health and safety

Counterbalance trucks are a great way to improve health and safety in the workplace. With electric trucks, you don’t need to store fuel and you can replace the battery easily.


While your counterbalance forklift will need regular maintenance to ensure it remains in good and safe working condition, it’s not something you have to worry about. The reason? High-quality counterbalance forklift trucks have a good life span, so you’ll simply be replacing and repairing small parts like engine oil, coolants and filters.

Increased versatility

Counterbalance forklift trucks are great if you’re looking for extra versatility. This is because they can be fitted with a wide selection of attachments. This includes the following:

• Clamps like paper rolls or bale allow counterbalance forklift trucks to efficiently pick and lift irregular shaped loads.

• Rotators allow counterbalance forklift trucks to tip and rotate industrial bins securely and safely.

• Carpet poles allow textiles and materials like carpet to be wrapped around the main pole for quick and easy transport.

Carry a wide selection of weights

Counterbalance forklift trucks are designed to safely carry weights from as little as 1.8 tonnes all the way up to 48 tonnes. The bigger the lift capacity of the counterbalance forklift, the bigger the size of the unit. This is to ensure that the counterbalance can sufficiently balance the weight of the heavy loads being picked up.

A range of fuel types

There is a range of counterbalance forklift fuel types available for you to power your trucks. These include:

• Petrol

• Diesel


• Battery electric

Due to the different fuel types, you can customise your unit to carry out a specific application. For example, the diesel-powered counterbalance forklift truck will ensure that you have enough power to manoeuvre large loads like containers and the electric counterbalance forklift truck will help reduce toxic emissions – which is particularly helpful if you’re working indoors.

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